Float session – step by step

The floating session lasts 60 minutes. You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your float session in order to get ready and take a shower. After floating, you may need 15 minutes for tea in our lounge.

Enter Slow Wellness Studio with the intention to have the most relaxing experience ever.

Get familiar with float therapy and then get your kit (bothrobe, towel, slippers, ear plugs).

Use the changing room to get ready and then take a shower.

You need to remove all cosmetics from your hair and body.

Put aside your worries, job, phone, emails, „emergencies”.

Enter the float room and close the door.

Lie on your back.

From the remote control you control ventilation, light and music.

You can listen to relaxing music or enjoy the peace of mind.

Float freely.

Your 60 minutes.

Just for you.

The end of the float session is announced by a light signal.

Before leaving the float room turn on the lights, let the salty water drain from the body and use the towel on the side of the tank to remove the remaining traces of salt.

Enjoy a shower, change into your clothes and have a relaxing tea in the lounge.

We want you to „take it slow!”

Customer feedback Slow Wellness Studio

Describe in a few words the Slow experience:

„I entered the float room with pain around my shoulder and I couldn’t believe that after float the pain was almost gone and I could move my arm with ease."

„Only post float I realised that I didn’t feel the smells as well as before. After I left SIow I had a revelation … I could feel smells much stronger then before. I will certainly buy a float package to benefit from the long-term therapeutical effects."

„Being 6 months pregnant I never imagined that floating could be so pleasant, making me feel light as a feather, and that the saline water will take off the extra weight of the pregnancy. Float therapy must be a regular practice for future moms. It is really super relaxing."


„It was a pleasant experience, relaxing. I will certainly come here again."


„Relaxing. Wonderful."

„Extremely pleasant and very relaxing"

„Indescribable in words."

„Super relaxing. I recommend adding some essential oil for extra relaxation."

„It was something new for me, very relaxing. It felt very good in the pool and also after floating. :)"

„At the beginning I thought that 60 minutes will be very long, but I didn’t even realise when time passed. It was a wonderful opportunity to relax and will certainly come here again."

„100% let go, contact with the deep self."

„Interesting. Repeatable"

„Absolutely relaxing. After such an experience I feel that I work at a different level of energy, I look at everything that surrounds me with much more calm and in a state of harmony and centered."

„Refreshing deletion of the delimitation between different environments (water, air, body). Comfort, comfort, comfort."

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