Find out the answers to the most common questions about float therapy.

How do I prepare for the float session?

Don’t get loaded on espresso, or any other caffeinated products, as it tends to keep you super jittery when trying to get your body ready for calm, quiet and relaxation.

Eat something light two hours before your float session. You don’t want to have a full stomach neither do you want the hunger to distract you.

It’s also recommended not to shave or wax on the day of your float – as the Epsom salts can irritate sensitive skin.

Questions and answers

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below:
When should I arrive at Slow-wellness studio?
You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your float session in order to get ready and take a shower.
Where can I park my car?
We offer parking for our customers, so you can drive here.
Do I need to bring anything?
Just yourself. Towels, showers, soap and shampoo, ear plugs, etc. for your float will be provided at check-in. You may want to bring a comb for your hair and your personal cosmetics (face cream, make-up).
I just coloured my hair. Is it OK to schedule a float session?
If you coloured your hair recently, we recommend that you wait at least a week. For the benefit of your hair color and for the tanks, please wait until the water runs clear when you wash your hair before coming to float.
What if it’s that time of the month?
For a relaxing experience we recommend avoiding to float if it’s that time of the month.
Is it clean?
Extremely. First of all the the high concentration of Epsom salt makes it almost impossible for microorganisms to survive in the tank. The highly sterile salt water is fully filtered and recirculated four times between each float through a double filter and then treated in a combination of advanced oxidation system with a germicidal UV lamp and ozone for disinfection of the water and the air in the float room.
What if I wear contacts? Is it OK to enter in the float room?
You most likely will prefer to float without them, so be sure to bring your case and solution.
Can I float if I am pregnant?
Yes. With the okay from your physician or midwife, you may float in your second or third trimester. Many pregnant women find out that floating helps them with joint pain and inflammation associated with carrying the additional baby weight. Floating has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and boost endorphins which may help counteract the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy which can result in insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Anecdotally, many mothers-to-be in the float room experience an amazing bonding experience with their unborn baby known as the “mirror effect” where the baby rests peacefully in the womb while the mother rests in a similar womb-like environment.

Not only is it safe but it’s encouraged! Some say floating is “a pregnancy must!” Floating allows you to escape the added stress and weight of pregnancy by being in a weightless environment, taking the strain off of your body. We have also heard testimonies that it is an awesome way to bond with your baby.

What if I’m claustrophobic?
People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating. You’re always in control of your environment, and can choose to float with the door open and room lights on, so you can benefit from the entire experience of floating, in peace and relax.
Can I drown if I fall asleep?
No. The 25 centimetres of water is so buoyant you can’t help but float at the top. Some people do choose to sleep in the float rooms. If you have experienced bathing in the salt lakes, you have an idea of what the sensation of floating feels like.
Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely! You can’t float together in the same room, but you can book floats at the same time.
Do I float nude?
Our studio offers the necessary privacy for you in order to feel relaxed. We recommend avoiding a bathing suit also for hygienic reasons, as most materials favour the presence of bacteria. Most people don’t wear anything when floating, but it’s your choice.
Are there any weight or size restrictions for floating?
The inside measurement of the float tank is 230 x 120 cm, so even the very tall people can float easily without touching the sides of the tank. Water depth is approximately 25 cm and the high density of Epsom salts in the water make your body float without issue. So people over the average weight can float easily without touching the bottom of the tank. Feel free to come in and try it!
Is the Epsom salt good for my skin?
Epsom salt has actually been used for treating skin ailments and will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.
Can I share my float package with someone else?
Yes. If you buy a 4 or 8 session float package you can share your sessions with whoever you want as long as your guest comes along with you. The float packages are nontransferable.
When is the best time to float?
As ambiguous as this sounds; any time is a great time. That being said, jumping in after any physical activity, such as yoga, the gym, cycling or the marathon, or intense mental activity is an awesome choice and comes highly recommended. Please don’t actually jump in though – that wouldn’t be fun.
How often should I float?
Similar to going to the gym, the more you treat floating as a practice – the better results you’ll see in the short-term and long-term. We recommend weekly sessions just for relaxation or twice a week for best results. Usually you need at least 3-4 floats in order to get used to floating and to get the maximum effects. That’s why we have the 4 float session package. For those with back-pain, muscle aches or magnesium deficit, and also in chronic pain, we recommend starting with a 8 float session package for reducing the pain.
What is in the float room?
500 kilograms of Epsom salt (also known as magnesium sulphate) dissolved in one tone of water. It’s one of the most known salts for it’s therapeutical effects, magnesium contributes in stress reduction and improving mineral absorption in the body, also helping in balancing the calcium level in you body.
What if salty water comes in my eyes?
It just stings a bit. Avoid touching your face after you enter the tank, and in any case just use the fresh water pump provided on the side of the tank to clean your eyes.
How is it ventilated?
There is a fresh air circuit. Through the vents in the walls of the float room cold air enters in the lower part of the room as the hot air exits the upper part through the specially designed ventilation system.

Customer feedback Slow Wellness Studio

Describe in a few words the Slow experience:

„I entered the float room with pain around my shoulder and I couldn’t believe that after float the pain was almost gone and I could move my arm with ease."

„Only post float I realised that I didn’t feel the smells as well as before. After I left SIow I had a revelation … I could feel smells much stronger then before. I will certainly buy a float package to benefit from the long-term therapeutical effects."

„Being 6 months pregnant I never imagined that floating could be so pleasant, making me feel light as a feather, and that the saline water will take off the extra weight of the pregnancy. Float therapy must be a regular practice for future moms. It is really super relaxing."


„It was a pleasant experience, relaxing. I will certainly come here again."


„Relaxing. Wonderful."

„Extremely pleasant and very relaxing"

„Indescribable in words."

„Super relaxing. I recommend adding some essential oil for extra relaxation."

„It was something new for me, very relaxing. It felt very good in the pool and also after floating. :)"

„At the beginning I thought that 60 minutes will be very long, but I didn’t even realise when time passed. It was a wonderful opportunity to relax and will certainly come here again."

„100% let go, contact with the deep self."

„Interesting. Repeatable"

„Absolutely relaxing. After such an experience I feel that I work at a different level of energy, I look at everything that surrounds me with much more calm and in a state of harmony and centered."

„Refreshing deletion of the delimitation between different environments (water, air, body). Comfort, comfort, comfort."

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